The Brobecks

Happiest Nuclear Winter



C'mon Vietnam

Better Than Me

Everyone's A Jerk But Me

One Minute Of Fun

You Stole My Head


A Letter

And Shoot The Sun


File Code #1459

Die Alone

She's A Robot


extra tracks

Christmas Drag



Matthew Jason Glass    - Drums & Orchestration

Michael Morgan Gross - Vocals & Guitar

Bryan Todd Szymanski - Keyboards, Piano & Synths

Dallon James Weekes   - Vocals & Bass



Engineered by Matt Glass


All Songs by written, arranged and recorded by

The Brobecks

Voted one of the Top 3 Local CDs in 

City Weekly's 2005 SLAMMy  Ballot Awards


Sad, socially conscious, mostly strange and always beguiling, this aptly-named disc is one of the better basement recordings I’ve ever heard.

-Slug Magazine


The Brobecks’ second basement epic kicks off like a Saturday-afternoon disaster flick, then cranks the indie-pop charm with chiming guitars, cheesy synths, nimble piano and vocals sweet enough to make fillings ache in Albuquerque.

-Bill Frost, City Weekly


So, listen to Happiest Nuclear Winter and let the charm, irony, beauty, creativity and sheer eclecticism of songs ... steal your rock 'n' roll heart away"

-Kevin Matthews,  Amplifier Magazine


The Clearfield-based quartet takes things up a notch on

Happiest Nuclear Winter, one of the most fascinating

 sophomore releases to come around in a long time.

-Sam Potter, Melting Music